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Extremity Arterial Doppler

Arterial Doppler is an examination which is required when circulatory disorders are suspected, particularly in the lower extremities. With the Arterial Doppler examination the speed of blood flow and amount of blood in the blood vessels can be ascertained. Furthermore, with this examination, whether or not there is plaque on the blood vessel walls and whether or not this congestion is critical can be investigated. It is a basic tool in diseases concerning the arteries. Detailed investigations can now be carried out using angiography. Angiographic examinations can be carried out using magnetic resonance imaging techniques in the same way they could be carried out using direct x-rays.

8 2 1258 14.0 At the Spektromar Imaging Centre, we work with radiology specialists who are particularly highly experienced in the fields of ultrasonography and Doppler ultrasonography. . Spektromar keeps itself up to date with the latest technological developments in ultrasonographic devices and, when possible, is quick to incorporate the latest cutting-edge devices into its structure.

In our centre, the Toshiba Aplio 400, the most up-to-date ultrasonographic appliance on the market, is used in all ultrasonographic examinations by the most experienced doctors in their field.    


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