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Thyroid and Neck Ultrasonography

Thyroid Ultrasonography - Thyroid Doppler - Neck Doppler

5 1 826 14.0 Endocrinology specialists and general surgical specialists (particularly when surgery is required) deal with the treatment of thyroid gland diseases. Internal disease specialists are also concerned with thyroid diseases.

The most important method of diagnosis of thyroid gland diseases is hormone tests alongside ultrasonographic examination of the thyroid. In some situations, a scintigraphic examination may also be carried out.

Thyroid ultrasonography and thyroid Doppler can provide rather a lot of information about the condition of the disease in cases of thyroiditis. Possible cancerous nodules can be diagnosed using our biopsy procedure, and if thyroid cancer is diagnosed, we can carry out neck ultrasonography, which is extremely important, prior to surgery.    


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