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Breast MR

Meme MR

The magnetic resonance imaging technique, which is frequently used and will be used in breast cancer scans, is rather successful as it does not use radiation and by using a contrast material suspicious areas may be determined.

We believe that as the success rate of its use in breast MRI, in particular, increases and will increase, there is a great benefit in this examination being carried out in centres especially concerned with the subject.

No single imaging method is ever enough when it comes to scanning for breast cancer. Mammography, breast ultrasound, and breast MRI techniques are examinations which complement each other.

Having annual breast cancer scans using breast MRI, particularly for those in the high-risk patient group, is a method applied in all the world’s leading centres.

8 2 1151 14.0 At the Spektromar imaging centre, breast MR examinations are carried out using a special breast coil with the 1.5 Tesla MR device and the examinations will be diligently analysed by Our Physicians who are highly experienced in the field.

We know we owe you many thanks for trusting us with your health.


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