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Digital X-Ray

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As is well-known, the x-ray is the oldest radiological examination. The difference between Digital X-Ray and the normal x-ray examination is that the image is recorded at a higher level of sensitivity instead of on photographic film and this is recorded on film using a computer. Hence a lower dose of radiation is used. The need for the examination to be repeated is much lower and it can be adjusted for the necessary contrast and brightness after the scan.

The Advantages of Digital X-Ray

1.     The patient is exposed to much less radiation in the digital x-ray than in the old type of x-ray technique.

2.     The probability of the examination being repeated is lower. Hence there is no repeated exposure to radiation.

5 1 844 14.0 3.     Contrast and brightness adjustments to gain the required clarity can be carried out after the scan with the aid of digital technology.    


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