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All Classic MR Examinations

Klasik MR Tetkikleri

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Examinations at our centre are carried out using the 1.5 Tesla Philips scanner.

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What is the MR (MR Imaging or MR Investigation) Examination?


The MR examination, which has become widespread in the last ten years, has become the preferred examination because it is the latest scanning method used in the diagnosis of diseases and it does not require radiation.


With MR we can acquire cross-sectional images using a high magnetic field and radio waves.

No pain is experienced during the course of the examination. All that is required is staying still for a certain period of time, like when having your picture taken. MR devices make a lot of noise while they are running. The patient enters a short tube, open at each end, in the middle of the device. The degree of inconvenience of the MR examination for the patient is more or less the same as getting into an elevator.    


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Information for those about to have an MR examination:


Because there is a high magnetic field in the MR examination room, any people or patients who enter this room are required to remove anything metal or any electronic devices on their person. The high magnetic field has no known medical side effects.


Those who may have problems when entering a high magnetic field:


·       People with cardiac pacemakers.


·       People who use hearing devices or have cochlea implants.


·       People using metallic prostheses or aneurism clips about their body which are not suitable for MR (in recent years the production of stents and aneurism clips which are not suitable for MR has been stopped).


·       People with heart valves not suitable for MR.


·       People with some penile prostheses.


·       People who have electronic medication pumps.


·       People with lead or other metallic foreign object in their body.


Please inform staff of any kind of foreign object that may be in your body prior to the scan.


The use of contrast material during the examination:

The use of contrast material during the examination is necessary in some MR examinations routinely, in some with the aim of providing better imaging, or in the likelihood of a disease. The contrast material is used simply for the aim of imaging and not as a treatment.


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