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Coronary CT Angiography

Coronary Angiography is carried out using the Multislice CT, the latest examination appliance in radiology. No preparation is necessary and it takes just 10 SECONDS. This method is much quicker and easier compared to the classical catheter angiography. It is carried out by introducing a contrast material via the arm. After the examination, there is no longer any need to stay in the hospital.

6 1 904 14.0 As with every organ, the heart is supplied with blood via small blood vessels which lead out from the main artery (via the Coronary Arteries). As you get older, the walls of the blood vessels become furred, known as atherosclerosis, which causes the tissue which they support to become damaged (infarction or heart attack). Having prior knowledge of these plaques, which cause congestion in the blood vessels, can mean it can be averted before the congestion is fully formed and heart attack can be prevented.    

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Risk factors in the development of Coronary Heart Disease:

·       Being overweight

·       Increase in blood fats and incorrect good-bad cholesterol ratio, lipid levels

·       High Blood Pressure

·       Coronary artery and heart disease in the family

·       being over the age of 45 for men, 55 for women

·       Insufficient physical activity

·       Blood sugar level

·       Stress

·       Smoking

What does Coronary CT Angiography provide as a result?

With small obstructions (generally classed as 50% and below), if there is no complaint or evidence in the examinations, internal medicine and cardiological precautions are taken. For example, cholesterol adjustment, blood pressure checks, exercise, and weight control.

With medium or high degree obstructions, depending on the level of the patient’s complaint and recommendations of the cardiologist, a catheter angiography examination and, if necessary, a stent or by-pass may be needed. In these situations, coronary CT angiography provides valuable information prior to any medical undertaking.

If the examination results are normal, all is good, and we will chat with the patient on the subject of disease and provide them with any useful information they require.    


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